Jim Tonakis:

Jim has been involved in the building industry and the process of buying and selling real estate for 25 years.

He has had vital roles within larger organisations in the building industry and recognises the true value of sales and marketing and also the meaning of a well branded product.

Personal service is of the utmost importance and no better way to formalise that is by operating your own business which is exactly what Jim has been performing for the last 18 years. Running his own building company and then furthering that field into real estate has given Jim a wealth of experience in an industry where experience leads to trust.

Jim has a desire for helping and teaching others in fields where he believes he can. Perhaps that stems back to his teaching days and his urge to pass on knowledge.

He also is very keen on all sporting events and enjoys being involved in community organisations with this focus. Jim enjoys giving back and was involved in coaching junior rugby league at Norths Devils and Albany Creek Crushers for a combined period of 11 years winning 3 premierships! He continues to play touch rugby league even now and reckons he can still show the younger ones a thing or two.

When time permits Jim can't wait to spend time with his lovely wife and 2 children, riding his motorcycle, and making time for his new found passion for travelling...