Nicole Pihl:

Nicole has firmly cemented her place in the property industry as one of the Gold Coasts Prestige Property Sales Associates. With high profile sales along Monaco Street and Clear Island Waters she understands what is required in the marketing and sale of your prestige home. Always thinking ‘outside the box’, Nicole’s marketing strategies, attention to detail and ability to connect buyers emotionally to a property delivers results and is winning her an increasing number of dedicated and loyal clients.

“Selling a home isn’t just about taking some photos, putting it online and waiting, anyone can do that. No, an exceptional agent has the ability to market a property in such a way that engages buyers, highlights the properties special features, focuses on the target demographic and delivers the property maximum exposure in the marketplace. Its only through this process and intense negotiation skills that I am able to offer my clients a premium service and results they are ecstatic with – and nothing less.”

Nicole attributes her success to hard work, understanding her clients’ needs, solid communication skills and the determination to never give up. With 12 years in real estate and a solid property investment portfolio of her own, Nicole has learnt some very important life and business lessons.

“You can never underestimate anything, never judge, never stop learning and above all act with integrity and do what you say you will do!”

As with anything that comes with greatness and success, one of the mottos I stand by in life is, “When life knocks you down, get up and fight harder." If you are looking for an agent to represent your unique property and deliver the outcome you deserve, Nicole Pihl is your trusted property sales associate.