Luiz Prebianca:

Luiz Prebianca joined Riverside Hotel in April 2011, right after the floods that devastated Brisbane, with the purpose of increasing the business, searching for new business partners and developing higher brand awareness through different marketing channels, as well as bringing his worldwide Hospitality experience and training into the Riverside.
Coming from a 5 star resort background in different continents, Luiz has implemented several changes at Riverside Hotel, from big marketing deals to simple procedures, from uniforms to hotel refurbishments.

Working at the Riverside Hotel opened many doors for Luiz, especially in the Real Estate market. Luiz has learned a lot from his leaders at the Riverside, holding now licenses to rent and sell units at the Hotel.
Luiz holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management by the Glion Institute of Higher Education (Glion Hotel School), Switzerland and is fluent in 5 languages.

He is a strong believer that 99% of any problems that arise at the Hotel can be fixed by advising Reception, but also relies on mutual respect between the team and guests/tenants and trains his team to the highest levels of service to achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Luiz and the team explain to all future tenants that, the thing that makes renting at the Riverside better than everywhere else is the exceptional service provided in this building, which outshines anything else available in the market.