Halina Neal:

There are two distinct advantages clients have when they select Halina Neal as their agent of choice. The first is that she is a local resident having lived and worked in the area for more than forty years, while the second is that she has been passionately selling real estate there for more than twenty-six of those years.

That’s a track record to be trusted, particularly when a large proportion of her business today comes from past clients and referrals to friends of past clients and boy there are a lot of them!

A true local, her family all grew up and attended local schools and colleges and now her three grandchildren are following in the same footsteps.

Coming from a Corporate background Halina has an eye for detail and you can be absolutely certain that that eye for detail ensures all paperwork is completed to the letter of the law, thus giving her clients great peace of mind in a climate of ever changing legislative requirements.

A strong achiever, Halina has many Awards to her credit including Platinum, High Achievers, Gold Club and coveted entry to the RE/MAX Hall of Fame which is a proud and distinctive achievement.

As Halina says, ‘I still have the same passion for this business that I had twenty-six years ago. I love working with people to assist them on their journey to settle their families and there is no other occupation in the world that does what real estate can do.’

So when experience, passion and ethics are important to you, then Halina Neal is the agent you must call.