Mark Stevenson:

Mark Stevenson represents the new breed of Real Estate Professional with substantive knowledge about many various aspects of real estate, providing a full-fledged, elegant and discreet service to sellers, developers and buyers of Townsville property.

As a specialist in the market, Mark's broad knowledge of property, and the many criteria involved in the sale or purchase of Real Estate, provides his clients and customers with a service unparalleled in the industry. His friendly, open demeanour allows the buying or selling process to be both efficient and enjoyable. His insights extend well beyond the expected, providing invaluable, timely information to help make smart decisions.

As a seller's agent, Mark provides a marketing service that is both unique and effective, combining his refined selling skills with marketing methods that enhance the exposure of the property, thereby increasing the chance of the best selling price to the most qualified buyer. His negotiating skills, while not intimidating, have produced the results that his clients expect. His clientele ranges from first-time sellers, to seasoned multiple-dwelling owners of multi-million dollar homes.

When working with buyers, Mark's listening skills and attention to detail have kept his customers unquestionably loyal. He identifies his customer's specific needs to match them to the best possible property, often identifying opportunities that others were unable to see. Moreover, his services extend beyond the expected - his understanding of building and design, along with a broad knowledge of resources has helped many buyers realize their dreams.

If you are ready to benefit by a new level of Real Estate service, one that informs without intimidating, one that guides without pushing, then contact Mark Stevenson to experience the difference.