Now's the time to prep

Spring is often touted the best time of the year to sell a property, with the weather making house-hunting more pleasant, many homes and gardens at their most inviting, and buyers seeming to emerge from their winter doldrums.

Many in the real estate industry are wondering if this coming spring might be one of the busiest property sales periods in years.

Buyers are feeling inspired by the low interest rates. News on the economic front is positive. Activity in new projects, developments and infrastructure is encouraging. There are property markets becoming more accessible to first-home buyers, and investors are keen.

We can probably expect more genuine buyer enquiry, and more optimism and energy all round. Many buyers will be set to go and doing their best to have bought a place and be in by Christmas, or at least be well-settled before the new school year.

Use winter to prepare for listing your property in spring.

The sale of your house is often your largest financial transaction, so you probably already have a good local estate agent helping you by now.

Check the condition of your property. You might consider paying for a property inspection. If there are any issues that a buyer might pick up, you can either counter these with a lower-listing price or remedy them before going to market.

Carry out minor refurbishments before you list, such as cleaning the grout in your bathroom, painting internal walls and kitchen cabinets, cleaning rugs and refinishing hardwood floors.

Give your property an early ‘spring clean’.

Get out in the garden for a tidy-up and good mulching. Plant plants that will look good early spring.


Make time for a pest treatment after you declutter and early ‘spring clean’ so there’s no evidence of those dead bugs by the first open.

Know your ideal timeframe for selling and relocating. Your agent will talk about potential time-on-market based on local market data and help with your search for your next home. Think through the ‘what-ifs’.

Feel comfortable with the price you and a buyer expect to settle on, which will be a realistic price in the coming spring market.

Plan for your property to stand out from its competition through a great marketing program delivered by your agent.