Selecting a method of sale

Determining the right method of sale for your property is a crucial aspect in setting up a successful sale. In achieving the highest sale price for your home, in the shortest amount of time, an experienced agent will help you to weigh up the benefits of each method of sale.

Private Treaty

By far the most popular method of sale, private treaty involves setting and advertising a price on the property. The advertised price will usually reflect the current market value and can be negotiated between the seller and prospective buyer.


The auction marketing program is extremely focused and gives a property high profile while attracting the broadest possible buyer audience.

Auction brings serious buyers to the property, where they look at the product rather than the price.

For the seller, the auction marketing approach provides a greater sense of control over the selling process. Property owners are the decision makers on price, length of settlement and time on market. They are also empowered with market-derived feedback and can review their program based on this information.