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RE/MAX launches network-integrated platform

In the most significant milestone in its digital transformation to date, RE/MAX this month launched Precinct to its Australian and New Zealand networks.

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Dec 10 2018

Where there are markets there are opportunities

By Michael Davoren, Managing Director, RE/MAX Australia & New Zealand 

Housing is Australia’s single largest asset class, worth more than four tim......

Nov 20 2018

For the love of coffee

It seems Gen Y’s whimsical love of smashed avocado on toast at the local coffee hub is having more of an impact on the real estate market than anyone expected.

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Nov 16 2018

Does your property appeal to the right tenant?

When you are on the lookout for that perfect tenant, the way in which your property is being marketed can make a huge difference to reducing the time the property is unoccupied.

Oct 18 2018