Nadir Rezai:

Nadir grew up in many different countries and has a great understanding of their culture and language. He is very versatile when dealing with his clients as he is able to communicate in the 5 different languages.That sets him apart from most agents in our local area; he can easily adapt and connect himself with someone from a different background and culture and understand their needs and wants on a more personal and engaging level.


At the age of 21 Nadir opened his first retail business while he studied International business and Supply Chain Management at University. Nadir is passionate about selling, negotiating and helping people to get the best results possible. Nadir provides unique sales and marketing campaigns that are tailor made to capitalise on the specific benefits and requirements of each individual property.


Nadir is committed to providing outstanding client service through his excellent communication skills, enthusiasm, strong organisational skills and hardworking attitude. Nadir prides himself on providing a highly personalised services to his clients, involving them in all aspects of the property process and believes he has a genuine ability to make the process of buying and selling home as painless as possible. His professional and personal property experiences are the building blocks to a successful property transaction.


For the right advice – call Nadir Rezai